How to Dye Virgin Hair Red/Burgundy► Beauty Forever Brazilian Natural Wave

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Hey curlfriends!

Today I'm going to show you guys how I went from Black to Burgundy with my virgin hair

in just a few simple steps.

I'm using hair from Beauty Forever as always.

I'm using their Brazilian Natural Wave.

I got 3 bundles as well as a closure.

My order consisted of a 16" closure as well as an 18", 22" and 22" bundle.

Keep in mind, my closure is a body wave closure.

So it had a slightly different texture from the Natural Wave bundles.

We're just going to grab a few quick items.

I got the Adore Color in the colors Magenta as well as fiesta fuchsia, some BW2 Powder,

40 Volume developer, some disposable gloves, a tint bowl and brush, as well as a very large

trash bag to protect my surface from the color.

I'm going to mix my BW2 Powder.

If you're a beginner at lightening or coloring hair, I highly suggest that you follow the

directions on your bottle.

I prefer a more creamy consistency when it comes to my lightener.

I pretty much just eyeball the measurements.

I had about 4 scoops of the BW2 Powder and an equal amount of the developer.

I just grabbed my bundles and put them on these little hangers to help the application

process out and make it a little bit more organized.