DYEING MY HAIR PURPLE | With Arctic Fox Purple Rain

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hey guys welcome back to my channel if

you're new here please subscribe hit the

notification button down below and give

this video a thumbs up I am proud to

announce I have a dozen subscribers I am

so thankful for all you supporters

supporting me do this cuz without you

guys I would well obviously it without

you guys I wouldn't have any scrubbers

so yeah I thank you guys for helping me

reach this milestone and I can't wait

for like what the future holds for me in

my youtube career um to celebrate my

achievement I got some apple cider and

so if you have apple cider at home drink

your apple cider while you're watching

this video so yea let's crack her open

do you guys mean the world to me and I'm

so happy that you know there's actually

people that like want to watch me and