How To Dye Black Hair to Brown (without bleaching) - very light ash blonde | Emily

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hey guys a Casey today I'm going to show

you how I dyed my black hair brown so

the dye that I'm going to be using is by

L'Oreal 10.1 Helsinki and very light ash

blonde the great thing about ash colors

as they don't have any brassy tones to

it so your hair I like ginger okay so in

this box dye comes with the colorant gel

the developer cream hi Cheyenne

conditioner high shine elixir gloves and

instructions as you can see I'm just

brushing my hair and my hair is super

greasy for that's because dye works best

on greasy hair because your natural oils

will help the dye stick better also

you're going to need to wear a shirt

which you don't mind getting dirty

because the dye will stain on your

clothing so right now we're just going

to put on the gloves provided and I'm

just going to section out my hair so