HOW TO DYE A SYNTHETIC WIG | Alexa's Wig Series #7

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Is this recording?

I don't know...

Hey everyone!

It is wig tutorial time!

In today's video, I will show you how to dye a synthetic wig.

If you have ever tried to dye a synthetic wig with real hair dye,

you probably discovered that it doesn't really work.

Hair dye is made for...

you guessed it!


And not these synthetic fibers that these wigs are made out of.

But there are ways to change the colors

of light-colored synthetic wigs.

So let's go!

Alright so there are a few different ways you can dye synthetic wigs,

so we are just gonna cover as much as we can in this video.

The first thing you'll need, no matter what method you use,

is a light-colored synthetic wig.

To add color to any hair, real or fake, it has to be light enough for the colors to show up

and since you can't bleach synthetic hair,

it has to just start off lighter than the color you want to dye it.