How to Dye Shulker Boxes

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what is going on guys welcome back I am

bolt three 131 I hope you guys are

having a wonderful day I know I am

because we finally have shelter boxes on

console and a frequently asked question

that I've been getting is how do you die

the shelter boxes because you can have

them in all these different colors right

well let's get to it real quick so this

is going to be your standard color that

you're going to get to begin with it

which is just the purple shelter box

itself and to even craft one of those

what you're going to want is to shelter

shells and one chest you obtain the

shelter shells by going to the in city

and defending the in defeating the end

dragon and then going to through the

portal to one of the end islands and

taking killing one of the shelters which

will then give you the shelter shells so