What happens when you dye synthetic fabric?

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hello my name is Roy and today I got a

project of some t-shirts that I want to

die what to dye them into black so if

you guys remember the green reclaimed

vintage t-shirt they're really oversized

one but made out of 95% viscose and 5%

ela stain that's a really cool t-shirt

but I didn't wear it enough simply

because it was that color of green I

liked it but didn't like enough to wear

it enough so I wanted to dye it black I

pushes this dial on black textile paint

and it simply didn't work out the way I

wanted it to so it's already been dyed

three times right now two times by hand

and one time in the washing machine so

today I figured I'd do the fourth time

and completely empty the entire sack off

paint so you can see right here I just

put it in a bucket and it went after

then I put it in a washing machine