How to Dye Fabric: Rit DyeMore Synthetic Dye

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With Rit DyeMore Synthetic Fiber Dye,

you can now dye polyester, nylon, acrylic, and poly/cotton blends.

I'm going to try dyeing samples of a bunch of different fabrics and see what happens.

These synthetic materials need lots of heat when dyeing, so the stove top method is the best.

Pre-wash the fabric with warm soapy water to remove any finishes so the dye will absorb better.

Fill a pot with enough water so the material can move freely.

Heat the water until it's almost boiling.

Shake the dye well and add it to the water.

1 bottle will dye up to 2 pounds of dry fabric.

To get dark or saturated colors, double the amount of dye, especially with polyester.

This is a small amount of fabric but I'm going to use a full bottle to get a saturated color.

Add a squirt of dish washing soap and stir well.

You can test out the color by dipping a piece of paper towel in the dye bath.

Add more dye or more water if needed.

Put the fabric in the dye bath.

The material should already be wet.

For this test I'm using: gabardine, chiffon, mirror organza, satin, velvet, fleece, minky, felt,

poly/cotton broadcloth, poly/cotton poplin, polyester spandex, faux fur, crystal organza,

glitz sequins, ripstop, stretch lace, power mesh, tissue lame, sunbrella outdoor fabric, challis, upholstery vinyl,

oilcloth, and clear vinyl.

Stir continuously for about 30 minutes with the water on a low simmer.