How To Dye 613 To Ash Blonde Hair Tutorial | Yolissa Hair |Winner Announced

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hey guys welcome back to another video

so today I'm gonna be showing you all

how to achieve a Ashwin look and it's

also gonna be like a doing a don't

because I did make a couple mistakes

along the way so the first thing that

you're gonna need is these products that

I'm showing on the screen they all come

in the box and so the next thing you're

gonna do is you're gonna section off the

hair one mistake that I made is that I

wish I would have colored the hair

before I made a wig reason being is

because I had to go back you can

definitely see the yellow tracks and it

was just too much so I was like next

time before I do this because I already

have a customer requesting this because

I had to put it on my Instagram and so

I'm definitely going to be putting the

color on there before I make it wig and