How To Cover A 5 O'Clock Shadow Completely (On Any Skin Tone) | MtF Trans Tutorial

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thank you for tuning in to the pretty

fix I am celebrity makeup artist Melissa

Riddick and this tutorial is for all of

the beautiful trans women and literally

anyone else out there who wants to know

how to cover their 5 o'clock shadow if

you've watched other tutorials about

this online you've probably seen a lot

of really crazy techniques like people

using lipstick which by the way it

contains thick oils that can totally

clog your pores or people painting their

face really orange to where they look

like an oompa loompa unfortunately these

are nowhere close to what you should be

doing if you want a professional and

natural-looking results in this video

I'm gonna drop some serious knowledge

and show you the right products and the

right techniques that you need to make

your 5 o'clock shadow completely