How To Dye Nylon 3D Printed Parts // 3D Printing Tutorial

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hey I'm Alec for matter hackers and

today I'm gonna show you how to dye your

nylon 3d prints not so long ago nylon

was only available in a couple different

colors black natural and if you're lucky

white now with Pro Series nylon there's

a slightly larger variety and if that

still isn't enough for you you do have

another option you can dye it dyeing

nylon is really easy and you can even

die Pesci but today we're gonna focus on

nylon and what it takes to actually turn

a white prints into this bright burgundy

finding a dice if eclis made for nylon

isn't as hard as it might seem you can

actually probably find it at a grocery

store near you

I found mine at craft stores because

that had a much larger variety but what

you want to look for is high poly or RIT

dime or those are both specially