CURL TALK: The TRUTH About Dyeing Your Hair | BiancaReneeToday

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hey girlfriends I'm Bianca Rene and you

want to be on grenade today and today is

another episode of curl talk and we're

gonna talk all about adding color to

your hair the truth about dyeing your

hair from bleach to ammonia to damage

should you do it how often do you do it

we're gonna answer all those questions

right now now starting off I am NOT a

licensed professional hairstylist I am

just a girl who's gotten her hair

colored four different times and has

maintained beautiful healthy curls

without getting damaged but to add some

credibility to this video than

everything I'm saying I do have a lot of

hairstylist friends and I was able to

call them and bug them and ask them a

million questions to make sure

everything I say in this video is

accurate so shout out to Felicia Elise