How To Dye 360 Lace Wig At Home | From Black to Golden Bronze | OMGHERHAIR

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what's up my babies so today I'm gonna

be giving you all the tea on this

gorgeous body wave lace wig no it did

not come in this color we're gonna be

dyeing it here on a youtube so if you're

interested keep on watching so I was in

CVS and I noticed this color and I was

so infatuated its golden bronze from the

brand dark and lovely I decided to pick

up three boxes just to make sure I'd

have enough and I decided to use this

week here it's a hundred and fifty

percent density three sixty lace wig in

the color or in the texture I'm sorry

body wave so as you guys see these three

combs in the front one in the back

adjustable straps I did take that comb

out of the center in the box you get

these gloves and the gloves are hidden

inside the instruction manual so don't

forget you have some free gloves if you