How to dye your. 360 lace frontal. With out getting. Dye on the lace part 1.

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hello you guys this is C Denise at you

with this new video and I'm very new

with this what I'm about to do is die my

360 lace frontal and I have noticed that

there aren't very few are very many

pictures out there or videos should I

say showing you how to dye it and this

is my first time so I'll pick up a few

tricks here and there but I've never

seen this now when I what I did it is a

flip to 360 frontal inside out because

I'm going to use this first this is a

hair protect jail they have diamond and

a couple others the diamond is very

expensive but this one it works very

well and $1.99 what I'm going to do is

I'm basically just going to take one of

my one of my little brushes that looks

like this and then I'm just going to

really just skip it in here and I want

to begin applying it to the front of the