How To Dye Polyester - Dyeing Polyester Fabric

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how to dye polyester one big advantage

of polyester over natural fibers is its

ability to resist stains

however this advantage has its downside

polyester does not take kindly to dying

for polyester to absorb dye

it needs extremely high heat and even

then the effort is not always successful

there is no guarantee that you will get

the exact shade you want or a consistent

coloration however if you must die

polyester then being acquainted with the

particulars of how to dye polyester will

come in handy dyeing polyester requires

specific tools in order to work have all

the necessary ingredients ready

in addition you'd be better off doing

this process outdoors where you can move

freely the ventilation is good and you

can easily dispose of the dye water it

will also be easier to hose down the