Tutorial: How to dye Polyester using the Stovetop method

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nice smells today I'm going to show you

how to dye polyester okay so first

things first you need your materials

high-end a percent polyester this is cut

weird because it's pattern but it is air

waffle mesh they make this only in white

and black which is why I'm dyeing it I

want it to be kind of

so for gray I don't really know how

that's gonna work but we're going to

find out this is my pattern

it's the side paneling it's also on my

calves and a little bit on the shoes for

our Kasumi koto puts it a bunch of

different meshes I didn't really like a

lot of them I like the texture of this

one I think it's gonna work really nice

and like soft and hopefully it dies

I know polyester is notoriously a pain

in the ass to die so we are going to

give a shot the next thing you need is