Testing Rit's New Dye for Synthetics on Nylon Outdoor Gear

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hey YouTube friend survivalcraft here

recently Crystal Creek outdoor gear sent

me a hydration system and I really liked

the system but the pouch only comes in

white and so what I want to try to do is

I want to try to dye it so that it

matches the rest of my gear of course I

could just throw it in the backpack but

I rather try to dye it so that it looks

right in case I want to hang it on the

molle webbing on the outside now to do

this I'm going to use the new right dye

made for synthetics this is right dime

or synthetic 4 that's the polyester

nylon and acrylic now I chose the Green

it only comes in peacock green so we're

going to see exactly how that turns out

but it should be close enough to my gear

that I'm not going to care now for this

of course you're going to need a big

enough pan to hold your water you're