Violet Gem - How To: Dye Human Hair Weave or Wig

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hello bubs it's cymatics and today

I'm going to teach you how to custom die

reef or human hair wigs it's semantics

we use in tutorials recently I made my

first wig or my first quick read and

since then I decided that I wanted to

make another quick leaf but I wanted to

do a purple or pink one so I bought some

human hair today and I'm going to custom

diet because I want it to be purple and

they didn't have the shade of purple

that I want it and I'm going to teach

you how to do that today first of all

the things that you need are some hair I

got out tree micro yaki hair this is 12

inch in color 27 which is just like a

blonde it's a hundred percent human hair

I have to stress that you cannot do this

with synthetic hair if you have a human

hair wig a human hair lace front

human hair weave wet then you can do