Cotton Fabric Dyeing 101

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hi I'm Jennifer Ackerman hey way from

fresh sanity calm and today I'm going to

continue to give you some ideas of what

you can do to make bloopers to leave on

these craft sanity hot older looms

recently we did a video where we show

you how to cut up old t-shirts and make

bloopers and this is really fun when you

have a lot of colorful shirts that you

don't they're stretched out or you just

they're just you know that the past

sub-prime but the problem comes in

though when you have like a shirt like

this that's kind of a little kind of

gross and discolored and you want to

figure out something else to do with it

what we're going to do today is throw

those in a dye pot and it's kind of cool

because there's a lot of there are a lot

of dyes available in the commercial

market there and in your local craft