Finger Technique Drumming Exercises (Drum Practice Pad Solo Included)

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everyone and welcome to my railroad

media office today I want to teach you a

little bit about finger technique and a

couple exercises that I do to develop

this technique now I'm still working on

it to this day in my opinion I'll never

ever stop practicing finger technique

it's just one of those things it took me

years to even get it to where it is now

and I'm still not happy with it not even

close so just keep that in mind I don't

expect it to happen overnight don't you

know but it's really important that you

are practicing it correctly so that when

you do start progressing you start

progress you start to progress properly

rather than to go backwards so first of

all I just want to usually I just want

to tell you finger technique is usually

used in conjunction with your wrist or

anything it's really just used you know