DRUMMING WITHOUT DRUMS - Drum Lesson #1 (For Beginners): Setup & Grip

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how's it going everyone

my name is Dan and this is the first

lesson in a series of drum lessons I'm

going to do without any drums that's why

I call this drumming without drums now I

decided to do this because so many

people would say to me oh you're a

drummer I'd love to play the drums but I

don't have any drums and also I started

seeing some beginner lessons that I

didn't think we're covering the basics

the real essential foundational elements

you need to be a good drummer ok so I

thought why not come up with a series

where I'll show you how to play the drum

set not just play on a little practice

pad I actually show you how to put the

drum set using random items you can find

around your house so let me start out by

telling you what you're going to need to

do this first off you are going to need