Learn Drums to Back in Black by AC/DC

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g'day guys and today I mean today

because we are looking at what is

probably Australia's greatest rock band

ac/dc and back in black but the groove

is super simple but there's lots of

little things that go along with the

riff that we're going to want to work

out so we can play the song exactly like

they do let's get into it

alrighty so let's kick it off with the

groove that you're going to be playing

pretty much the entire song and this is

some classic ac/dc stuff you're going to

have no problems with this at all

it goes like this it's that simple

kick snare kick snare but I have to say

even though it is simple there's a

certain kind of skill that it takes to

be able to really lay down that groove

repetitively over and over again and

make it feel good so work on that and