How To Play Any Song On The Drums - Rashid Williams

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what's up good people your boy Rashi

Williams here I'm here at Dromio with my

friends men and we're having some great

fun playing drums which is what I love

to do so I'm in here and Dave decides

that he wants to give me a challenge

today thanks a lot Dave and the

challenge is to play a song I've never

heard before

so we figured it'd be really fun you all

can watch how I like just interpreted

how I learned it and I promise you I've

never heard this track before so it's a

track called hold on my guy and it's

just a track that Dave picked so if you

don't like the track talk to Dave now

it's gonna be great so I'm gonna start

the process and I'm gonna walk you all

through how this all works I'm a little


bear with me here we go my guy so first