How to play the talkingdrum lesson1(ifegangan)

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hello viewers this is a film ooh-ooh -

gal room aka a Galu the artistic

director of a free review of creativity

today I am still going to make and say

what on what I said some in some of my

series about the introduction of this

book go go

which is it's a book on talking drum I I

wrote this book myself everything in

this book is what I really want to put

on video for everybody to see and

starting from what this book contains

the contents of this book home on this

book I'm going to go into everything in

air on this video it's going to be in

series of course I cannot cover

everything in this first lesson so for

people who are flare when you learn what

talking drum is all about you want to

know what talking drum is all about and

then we have the opportunity if they