2 Easy Stick Tricks - Drum Lesson | Drum Beats Online

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today we're going to learn to easy stick

tricks and it's going to be awesome so

let's get started hey everyone my name

is Gabe and I'm from drum beats

online.com today is super exciting

because I'm teaching you how to play to

easy stick tricks stick tricks are a ton

of fun to play when you're trying to be

showy really that's it if you're just

having fun playing drums maybe doing a

cool drum cover people like to see the

stick tricks as long as you can keep a

beat while doing it and that's where the

hard part comes in but um they can be

really visually pleasing and they just

look awesome so I'm going to teach you

two of my favorites that are pretty easy

so let's go over the first one the first

stick trick I want to talk about I call

the toss the reason I call it the toss

is that's literally all you're doing