DPM - 1 - Beginning Snare Drum: Lessons (Grip and Basic Strokes)

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how to hold a snare drum stick the best

way to teach students how to hold a

stick one stick at a time take the stick

divide it into three equal parts grip

the stick between the thumb and index

finger on the bottom third of the stick

this is called the fulcrum use the

teeter-totter analogy that this is where

the stick will pivot in the hand it is

very very important that the student

places their thumb print on the stick

bad habits include putting their thumb

nail on the stick and letting this thumb

slide off the stick

the angle of the stick should not be too

far in the fingers creating a right

angle or straight up and down in this

situation the back fingers are not

participating in the act of drumming the

proper playing position for the stick is