The Easiest Way To Do A Drum Roll On Your Snare Drum

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hey everybody so one of the most popular

comments and phrases is drumroll please

and many people think that a drum or

drum roll is really difficult to do it's

really hard to do but it's actually not

it's one of the most basic drumming

techniques and drummers usually learn

this within the first few weeks of them

even touching a pair of drumsticks now

I'm here to show you my way of doing a

drum roll there are a few different ways

but this is in my opinion the easiest

way to do a drum roll on your snare drum

so basically you're gonna hold the

drumsticks as such you're going to push

down on the drumstick pretty firmly and

by pushing down the drumstick will

rapidly hit the snare drum and it'll

sound something like this

so you're gonna use your thumb oh I am

so sorry you're gonna use your thumb and