Everything You Need To Be A Rock Drummer - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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(intense rock music)


- Well played, man, well played.

- (laughing) Thank you.

- It's very good stuff.

- Feeling good? - Feeling good, super good.

- Welcome, everyone to Drumeo Live.

- Hi, Drumeo Land.

- Special guest, Randy Cooke.

Randy, how you doin', man?

- Super good. - Yeah?

- Yeah. - That was awesome.

- I'm in the Land of Caesars.

- The Land of Caesars in Canada.

Well, you are Canadian.

And if you guys don't know who Randy is,

you're an amazing drummer. - Thank you.

- Not only that, you record a lot,

you're on the road all the time touring,

you've played with such bands as Smash Mouth.

In fact, you're on tour with them currently.