3 Reggae Drum Beats Every Drummer Should Know | Reggae Drums | Stephen Taylor Drum Lesson

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this is gonna be a lesson breaking out

three grooves that I think every drummer

needs to know when it comes to reggae

music and that's the one drop rockers

and steppers I think that in any

situation you get put in if a reggae

song is called out those three grooves

are gonna get you through it so I wanted

to do a quick lesson on that now I am

NOT a reggae master

I just appreciate the style I love the

style of listening to it and I love

playing it whenever I get a chance to

and these grooves have really gotten me

through some tight peaches where things

have been called or I got into a gang

and thought oh I need to I need to know

this style so hopefully they'll do the

same for you now it goes without saying

you need to go listen to the players

some good guys to listen to slide Dunbar