Developing Paradiddle Speed - Free Drum Lessons

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hi my name is Mike mikela co I am the

author of the drumming system and today

I want to show you how to develop

paradiddle speed it was a rudiment for

me that was one of those things that I

had learned and never really paid much

attention to until I saw some my

favorite drummers really utilizing the

paradiddle around the drums or on the

snare drum or just essentially anywhere

around the set right and so when I took

it more seriously and started to

understand the concept of this rudiment

I realized there is a secret way to get

this faster okay so let me demonstrate

the paradiddle just as a recap for some

of you folks I don't know what it is

it's right left right right left right

left left pair a dead dull pair I did

so that didn't happen overnight I mean

that was one of those things that took a