3 Tips for Playing Drums Quietly

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pay drummers Daniel here with a couple

of tips this time about how to play more

quietly now I know that as drummers we

don't like to hear play more quietly but

I also know that many of you who read my

newsletter or listen to my podcast play

at church and specifically at church I

know it's always a challenge to keep the

volume down I know we've all had a sound

guy say hey can you dial it back a

little bit or the dreaded hey can you

play with brushes or hot rods or

something like that and of course we

know that we don't want to do that we

don't want to play with brushes or hot

rods for the volume difference because

it also changes the tone of the drum we

don't want to sacrifice tone in the name

of volume so what are some things that

we can do to play more quietly and

maintain our feel and our tone and also