How To Program Drum Grooves

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everybody Emmerich Beato on today's

everything music I'm going to show you

how to program drum grooves I'm also

going to teach you how to notate them as

well so here's the deal

being able to program drums is extremely

important for a lot of reasons number

one if you don't have a drummer

available you can actually get by and

record sessions with it as a matter of

fact there's plenty country records that

you've heard that have program drums all

over them a lot of famous hit songs

believe it or not I use program drums to

do demos I use program drums to play

along with to do background tracks it's

really a handy skill to have so let's

get started first thing I like to do I

open up my session in this particular

session I'm going to be using superior

drums it's made by the company tune