Drumming Warm-Up (Beginner) - Drum Lesson

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hey it's turned here and today we're

gonna do a little bit of a warm-up now

there's three versions of the warm-up

beginner intermediate and advanced and

if you want to take the intermediate or

the advanced one you can just go ahead

and click the links below now this is a

five-minute warm-up and this is

something you can do at the beginning of

your practice sessions prior to going on

stage for playing a gig show or

something like that but it's a really

really great warm-up that's gonna get

your hands moving in some different

rudiments and get you developing your

your sense of time and stuff like that

so let's just jump right into it now

before we start I need you to get your

practice pad and your drumsticks or just

get ready to play with me on your legs

it's very important that you practice