Strum & Drum - 4 Basic Acoustic Beats for Percussive Guitar

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hey I hope you're doing good is Christy

up in six dream finger-picking and in

this lesson I'm going to show you four

basic but really fun Grumpy's you can

play a new acoustic guitar while

strumming chords let's go straight on

with the lesson

okay so if you want to get all the

extras in the tabs for this lesson

that's available on the website sixteen

finger-picking calm but let's get on

with it a few lessons ago I made a video

on how to play the bass drum and the

snare drum on the acoustic guitar so

going over the techniques and then in

this lesson I'm going to show you a few

variations of the bass drum now to kind

of spice it up a little bit so if you

haven't seen that you don't have the

techniques follow the link through to

that video and get up to speed but