How to Be A Drum Major

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everyone I'm Tim young the drum major

for the 2011 US Army all-american

marching band and I'm going to teach you

guys just basic field conducting the way

I did have conducted the US Army All

American band was the same way

conducting my high school so this is

just my style there's many different

ways of conducting I'm just teaching in

the style that I feel like is the most

clear on the field there's many

different ways of field conducting the

way I personally like it is just a

straight no very clear for for pattern

first you want to get the position down

I I recommend doing 45 45 45 which is

your arms out 45 degrees your help from

your shoulder 45 your elbow also kind of

like a 45 if you can see that and your

wrist and hand out a little at a 45 that

we have more coverage and people can see