5 Tips for Drumming Like Travis Barker

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I was going through my submission pile for that mega request video and I saw that many

of you would thoroughly dig some blink-182 drumming action in your lives.

But Travis Barker is the first drummer I ever knew by name.

He drummed the first record I ever owned and headlined the first concert I ever attended...DAMMIT

the man is on my Mount Rushdude of Drumming and his art cannot be contained in a 10 second

snippet filmed in my moldy basement.

And it’s not like a pile of 10 second snippets can contain it either, but c’mon man, I

need love from strangers on the internet to feel like a worthwhile person,

so without further Mountain Dew here is my attempt at 5 Travis Barker signature gnarly

drumming techniques.

Number one: Go Hard.

Let me start by establishing the baseline level of thrash you gotta bring to this dude’s


Alright so there’s your center.

But on behalf of my sensitive musicians around the world, what about dynamics man?

What if we need to bring the mood down?

I propose that Travis’s dynamic choices are in the instrument he chooses, not in how

loud or soft he plays.

So in keeping with rule number one, you smack the ehmehmehm out of whatever you smack, and

if you need to make less noise, you create the illusion of a softer dynamic by smacking