Sound Like Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots) | BY Busting The Bank

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hi there and welcome to anderson's drum

channel i'm colin

i'm rob and today who are we looking at

what we can do sounds like

that would help yes uh of josh dunn from

21 pilots so you guys have asked for

this a lot so

nearly every sound like video can get a

little please do just done so we have

listened and we are presenting you with

hopefully something that sounds like and

we're doing it the fun way first so

we're doing it with no budgets

no budget amazing so i've got the duties

of typing this week because uh we're

still sort of in

lockdown and the shop is not open so and

i'm illiterate so there we go

we're going to show you what we're going

to set up but we're going to have a look

on the website before we call it up from