Building Your Internal Clock - Drum Lesson (DRUMEO)

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hey invoice Jared here and today I want

to talk about one of the most important

aspects of being a drummer and that is

building your internal clock or keeping

time as drummers it's our job to keep

time and keep the band held together you

definitely cannot rely on guitar players

to do that and so what I've got for you

guys is a few things to download so

right below this video you'll be able to

click the link and go and download the

loops okay because we have metronome

loops prepared for you and these loops

will have like either 2 bars of

metronome and then 2 bars of no

metronome or 4 bars of metronome and 4

bars of no metronome and we have it at a

bunch of different tempos okay so it's a

little bit bigger of a file but you can

go ahead and download those and that's