5 Tips For Playing Drums In Church - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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- This is Stephen Taylor,

and I wanna talk to you about drumming in church.

Now this is something that thousands of drummers do

around the world every week.

For some of you, like me, this is your first gig.

This is your first opportunity to play in front of people.

I've been playing in churches

since I first picked up the sticks.

I grew up a pastor's son,

and the first weekend I got my drum set,

I played four times in churches.

I played a youth retreat,

I played two services, I played all, a men's event,

like I was playing in church from the time I started,

so this is something that I have a lot of experience in,

and a lot of you have to do this on a weekly basis.

Now, some churches choose to hire their musicians,

so some of you who may say I'll never play in a church,

may one day get a call,

and you may have to go play in a church