Ableton Live 10 for Beginners - How to Create a Drum Beat

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welcome to this Ableton Live 10 tutorial

so today we are going to make a drum

pattern so it's not too complicated to

get started off here in Ableton at the

moment we're looking at the session view

and the first thing what we need is we

need to pick a drum kit so we can come

over here to drums inside Ableton's

browser window and we can see that

Ableton comes with a bunch of drum kits

already now you might not have exactly

what I've got here but you'll definitely

have the 909 the 808 and that sort of

thing so I'm gonna use this chrome atone

kit i've already auditioned it but if

you want to listen to these before you

actually pull them into your project you

can click on them and that'll audition

the sound so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm

gonna grab this guy and I can click and