How To Play An EASY 3/4 Drum Beat-Drum Lesson

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hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to play a super easy 3/4 drum beat

now the easiest way to think of 3/4

timing with regards to playing the drums

is simply that there are three quarter

notes in every bar and since we know

that there are three quarter notes in

every bar that must mean that there are

six eighth notes in every bar and that

is what we will be playing on the hi-hat

those six eighth notes and we'll count

out loud

one-and two-and three-and now in

addition to playing those six eighth

notes on the high hat we are going to be

striking the bass drum on the first and

second count and the ser drum on the

third count now I'm going to play it for

you and I'm also going to count out loud

as I play it and hopefully you can play

along on your own drum kit now I'm going