TASTY Freshwater Drum (how to Catch Clean & Cook Sheepshead)

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okay so I've actually at the Fairford

River today you can see the dam in the

background and today's goal is to catch

freshwater drum and do a catch clean and

cook I've never actually tried to eat

them I've heard mixed reports of how

they taste but I little hook up with my

good buddy Nate and he is actually gonna

show me how it's done so let's get



all right so that's just a white 3/8

ounce Cabela's Jake this one did not

break compared with eight speeds

Thank You Nathan would this be called a

jig and a minnow then think I'm familiar

with that presentation so that's

actually that's a mullet minnow yeah I

did it come to Paris and video last year

with these fish the shiner

three milliseconds so literally