Beginner Drum Fills

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hi I'm Jared Falk and today I'm going to

teach you five beginner drum fills now

when I first started playing drums I

didn't know what a drum fill was I

didn't know when to play it and I didn't

know how to even come up with them I

always saw videos of drummers just

playing a beat and then also just

blowing crazier on the drums and then

coming back to the beat and I'm like

what happened what did you just do

how did you do it and so I got five

examples that I've written out for you

and I'm gonna demonstrate these to

actual music and later on in the video

I'll tell you where you can actually go

get this track so you can practice this

fills yourself so to get started let's

just talk about what drum fills actually

are tell if you're just playing a

regular beat and then like I said you