The Best Beginner Drum Book

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- Hey, Jared here, and I want to quickly tell you,

why getting started on the drums just became easier

with The Best Beginner Drum Book.

So traditionally when someone wants to learn the drums,

they head to their local music store,

they rent a drum set and buy some drum books

to help get them started, they also might know a drummer

who helps them out once in a bit

or maybe hire a private teacher.

But very often, learning the drums is a solo experience.

So they grab one of the older drum books, there,

that everyone tells them to go and get

but it's just filled with a bunch of patterns.

No illustrations, no written text, no pictures,

just literally a bunch of measures with notes written

on them and different stickings.

And they get lost and they don't know what to do.

So I partnered with one of my private drum students,

Brandon Toews, who actually just graduated

with a bachelor of music.

So we removed unnecessary and overly complex exercises,