How To Play Drums - Your Very First Drum Lesson

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everyone its Jared here and today I'm

going to teach you how to get started on

the drums so maybe you just got your

drum set maybe you want to get a drum

set and you're gonna kind of check out

how to learn but this is the video

that's gonna show you how to do that

this is for absolute beginners now I

want you to stick around to the end of

this video as well so you could get a

free gift for me alright so let's get

started on the kit now you have all

these different pieces it could be a

little bit confused when you first get

started so we're just gonna focus on

three different pieces we're gonna focus

on the high hats we're gonna focus on

the snare drum and then we're going to

focus on the bass drum okay so out of

these three pieces we're gonna build our