How To Play The Verse Of Seven Nation Army By The White Stripes - Drumming Made Simple Episode #3

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hi I'm Chris and today I'll be teaching

you how to play the verse and pre-chorus

of seven Asian army by the White Stripes


this is the first part of this tutorial

we're going to be playing a new drum the

floor tom as well as playing at the bass

drum ii you sound that we're going to be

introducing this episode is the hi-hat

now most of the time you'll be playing

the hi-hat with a drumstick however

today we're going to be playing it with

our left leg that's called playing the

hi-hat pedal there's two notes you can

do when you play the higher pedal one is

this Knight which is considered an open

higher pedal and one is this note which

is considered a closed hi-hat pedal now

I want to use that second sound when you

then add this hi-hat pedal on to your

previous pattern of playing bass drums