How to drill a hole in granite

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in this video I'm going to be drilling a

ancient 1/4 hole for a reverse osmosis

system then I'm getting put in in about

a week by Culligan they charge you

anywhere between 50 100 bucks to drill

the hole if you don't have one drilled

as you can see you do not have one I

want to put the system and then water

reverse osmosis system and our sink

right here okay so when I purchased to

drill the hole at Home Depot at Home

Depot for about 30 bucks for both one

it's the diamond Plus hole saw give me I

wanted to put the reverse osmosis water

valve equally spread apart from the air

gap valve so as you can see a I measured

from center of the air gap to Center the

sink and from center of the center

faucet to Center here which was eight

inches here and eight inches here

that'll a whale now I started drilling