Hammer Drill vs Drill | Which is Faster in Concrete?

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I'm Kenny from pro tool reviews now have

you ever wondered what the difference

between a hammer drill driver and a

drill driver are we're gonna take a look

at that today is with the design then

we're gonna take it outside and look at

performance to see if you actually need

that hammer function all right so to

take a look at the differences between

the hammer drill driver and a drill


I've got Milwaukee's 2804 so they're gen

3 M 18 fuel hammer drill and I've only

got one tool here even though we're

talking about the difference between two

and that's because these two tools are

so closely related to each other that

you almost can't tell the difference in

fact on this model the specs are almost

identical now this model specs out with

1200 inch pounds of torque and 2,000 rpm