Concrete & Masonry : How to Drill Into Concrete

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hi my name is Giuliano Prieto a general

engineering contractor with Prieto

engineering in Los Angeles and today I

will show you how to drill into concrete

the materials that you will need to

drill into concrete are a hammer drill a

concrete drill bit and tape that will

stick to a metal drill bit the first

thing that you will need to do is locate

the area that you will drill I have

indicated it right here as an area with

a crosshair today I will demonstrate

drilling into concrete utilizing a

three-quarter inch concrete drill bit

made by Hilty I'll be using a healty

hammer drill and the connection into the

hammer drill will be called an SDS max

connection so now I'm going to insert

the drill bit into the hammer drill pull

back the locking mechanism insert the

drill bit and rotate until it drops into