how to drill and anchor into brick, concrete and cement

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what's going on guys I'm bill and

welcome to Bill's here to today I'm

going to show you guys how to drill

through concrete brick and cement and

also how to mount fix or attach

something to the wall or floor using

your anchors let's do this so the first

thing we're going to need is a drill

driver with a hammer function so we can

see the little hammer symbol here that

means that this will allow you to drill

through brick concrete and cement

however what I find is a lot of times

especially if the surface is hard that

you're drilling through the drill driver

will struggle so what I tend to do is

use the STS rotary hammer drill so this

one here is a Ryobi one works perfect

goes through basically anything but like

I said if it's soft materials such as

sand and cement or even a mortar between