How To Make a Hole In Cinder Block

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all right so check it out I'm working

here trying to get a hole through

concrete cinder block and I don't have a

drill bit big enough and I don't really

want to go by one the probably expensive

I need to probably a one and a

quarter-inch hole here so I've got a

little tip to do it cheaply and easily

check it out

alright so the first thing I want to do

is mark my holes right there and I'm

just going to mark four dot

splat uncle

I'm gonna take I'm going to take my

concrete drill bit I've got a little

tiny one just four screws and stuff

and drill all four of these holes out

oh all right now all you have to do is

use air hammer and a chisel you don't

have one of these you can use a hammer

and a regular chisel and just knock it